Documentary: Solomon Kane

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"Gone To Hell... Be Right Back..."

Oct. 24 - Nov. 1
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Quantum Physics Show


"Lockup in the sky with diamonds"

Houston Chronicle
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Good Vibrations Metaphysical Magical Mysteries In Art

when: June 27th, 2009
where: Betz Art Gallery
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Artist's Saloon

when: May 21, 2008
where: SpaceTaker
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Psycho-Spirituality Under the Black Lights

when: May 24, 7:00pm, 2008
where: H Gallery
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when: Sept. 8 - Nov. 15, 2007
where: ArtCar Museum
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"One Show"

when: July 21 - 28, 2007
where: Elder Street Gallery
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Art in City Hall

when: April 26, 11:30am
where: City Hall Annex
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December's Children

Six established Houston artists
when: Dec. 14, 6pm
where: Lynn Michaels River Oaks Salon
3637 West Alabama

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An Efficacious Life (1997)

"For to deny God in my own being is to cease to behold Him in any. God and man can meet only by the man's becoming that which God meant him to be." George Macdonald

Life in general and on an individual level is represented here. In the foreground are a paint brush and a drafting brush. The brushes are symbolic of all mankind in that we all leave something behind when we come into contact with each other, while at the same time brushing away the dust and particles which don't belong. The pinkish colors represent both physical and emotional pain and are absent on the brush because it is an impression which Should never be left behind. Of course the major brush stroke and the predominant colors around the brush are pink, which says that we are very good at doing something which we shouldn't. The small pink ovals in the upper right hand corner are symbolic of the many lives of individuals whose lives are comprised of pain and sadness.

The knife and the butterfly creature shows that life in general and individually, has both sharp and soft edges. Red is physical life and a deeper pain, yellow symbolizes Godly wisdom and a creative energy source, blue both nobility and spiritual maturity, while green is slightly evil, a kind of after thought. The brown of the paint brushes is just varying degrees of red, blue, and yellow, life's primary colors. However, it also represents dryness and eventual death, which is actually a part of life since life as we know it is only temporary in the present form.

As a brush paints a canvas we also paint one another with the colors which emanate from within us. For colors to exist there must first be light, for without light there can be no color. Sadly there are millions of canvasses which are either darkened by hatred or blank from 'indifference. Individual lives reflect life in general, both rough and smooth, clear and dull, beauty and ugliness, and pain and joy. We are given a multitude of experiences from life, some very painful. Pain and suffering can be changed by a brushstroke, covered over by a rainbow of colors, if we only allow the time and the growth.