Documentary: Solomon Kane

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"Gone To Hell... Be Right Back..."

Oct. 24 - Nov. 1
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Quantum Physics Show


"Lockup in the sky with diamonds"

Houston Chronicle
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Good Vibrations Metaphysical Magical Mysteries In Art

when: June 27th, 2009
where: Betz Art Gallery
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Artist's Saloon

when: May 21, 2008
where: SpaceTaker
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Psycho-Spirituality Under the Black Lights

when: May 24, 7:00pm, 2008
where: H Gallery
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when: Sept. 8 - Nov. 15, 2007
where: ArtCar Museum
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"One Show"

when: July 21 - 28, 2007
where: Elder Street Gallery
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Art in City Hall

when: April 26, 11:30am
where: City Hall Annex
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December's Children

Six established Houston artists
when: Dec. 14, 6pm
where: Lynn Michaels River Oaks Salon
3637 West Alabama

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American Madonna (1999)
Framed 20"x30"
mixed media on illustration board

This work represents the sad state in which America finds itself regarding the nature of religion. Not that much has changed from the very beginning, but it just seems we get better and better at perfecting the hypocritical. We have twisted something from its original innocence and made a monster of it. What began as a possibility mutated into a certainty, and those that dare question the concepts and designs behind it are then subjected to the penalties of those in charge. The institutions that should be leading the revolt against the tyranny, are the ones that profit the most from its promotion. All animals are created equal, but there are some pigs that are more equal than others are. However, if one is not so fortunate as to be born a pig, then the first thing to do is to become a pig, if one is to become more equal.

The monster that began long ago has grown beyond our understanding. We have fed it lifetimes of hatred and bitterness, while it resided within our thoughts, consuming the cosmos that we know. Yet, for those that understand, the beast is only a figment of our own imagination. It has no flesh or blood, only white washed bones with a peculiar taste for bacon.